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Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (16 book series). Kindle Edition. by S. D. Perry (​Author), Jeffrey Lang (Author), David Weddle (Author) and 12 more. From Book 1. Im Jahrhundert gehört eine Vielzahl von Planeten zur Vereinten Föderation der Planeten, einer von den Menschen im Jahrhundert mitgegründeten und von der Erde aus regierten Allianz. Eben diese Föderation verwaltet die Weltraumstation Deep. Die von der Kritik gelobte Serie über die Raumstation konnte 4 von den 31 Emmy​-Nominierungen für sich entscheiden. Folgen. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Beschreibung

Im Jahrhundert gehört eine Vielzahl von Planeten zur Vereinten Föderation der Planeten, einer von den Menschen im Jahrhundert mitgegründeten und von der Erde aus regierten Allianz. Eben diese Föderation verwaltet die Weltraumstation Deep. In Fan-Kreisen wird die Serie mit DS9 abgekürzt. In insgesamt Episoden, die über sieben Staffeln verteilt sind, erzählt Deep Space Nine von den. Die Welten von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Die Welten von Star Trek. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Abkürzung DS9) war die erste und bisher einzige Star Trek-Serie, die. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (16 book series). Kindle Edition. by S. D. Perry (​Author), Jeffrey Lang (Author), David Weddle (Author) and 12 more. From Book 1. Die von der Kritik gelobte Serie über die Raumstation konnte 4 von den 31 Emmy​-Nominierungen für sich entscheiden. Folgen. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Star Trek – Deep Space Nine: Die zur „Star Trek“-Familie gehörende Science-​Fiction-Serie spielt nicht wie ihre Vorgänger „Raumschiff Enterprise“ und .

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine – Complete Boxset [DVD] ➨ jetzt online kaufen und weitere Produkte bei SATURN entdecken. Die von der Kritik gelobte Serie über die Raumstation konnte 4 von den 31 Emmy​-Nominierungen für sich entscheiden. Folgen. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Im Jahrhundert gehört eine Vielzahl von Planeten zur Vereinten Föderation der Planeten, einer von den Menschen im Jahrhundert mitgegründeten und von der Erde aus regierten Allianz. Eben diese Föderation verwaltet die Weltraumstation Deep. Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Nobody leaves paradise. In some ways, you're even worse than the Borg. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation.

You assimilate people and they don't even know it. The second-season episode " Rules of Acquisition " marks the first mention of the Dominion , a ruthless empire in the Gamma Quadrant , though they are not fully introduced until the second-season finale, " The Jem'Hadar ".

It is led by "the Founders ", a race of shape-shifting Changelings , the same species as station security chief Odo.

They were once persecuted by non-shape-shifters whom they call "Solids" and they seek to impose "order" upon any who could potentially harm them, which includes nearly all Solids.

The Founders have created or genetically modified races to serve them: the Vorta , sly and subversive diplomats, and the Jem'Hadar , their fearless shock troops.

These races worship the Founders as gods. At the start of DS9 ' s third season " The Search " , with the threat of a Dominion attack looming from the other side of the wormhole, Commander Sisko returns from Starfleet Headquarters on Earth with the USS Defiant , a prototype starship that was originally built to fight the Borg.

It remains stationed at Deep Space Nine until season seven, providing an avenue for plot lines away from the station. With the third season, writers from the now completed The Next Generation began to write regularly for DS9.

The Dominion forms an uneasy alliance with the Cardassians in the fifth-season episodes " In Purgatory's Shadow " and " By Inferno's Light " and goes to war with the other major powers of the Alpha Quadrant in the season finale " Call to Arms ".

Throughout the series, loyalties and alliances change repeatedly: pacts with the Cardassians are made, broken, and remade; a short war with the Klingons flares up and is settled, and the formerly neutral Romulans ally themselves with the Federation.

This last alliance is made in an attempt to turn the war around, but only comes about as a result of criminal and duplicitous acts on the part of Sisko and resident Cardassian Garak, thus providing an example of the moral ambiguity prevalent in DS9 in comparison to the other Star Trek series.

Another example of DS9 ' s darker nature is the introduction of Section 31 , a secret organization dedicated to preserving the Federation way of life at any cost.

This shadow group, introduced in " Inquisition ", justifies its unlawful, unilateral tactics by claiming that it is essential to the continued existence of the Federation.

Section 31 repeatedly states that if any inquires are made with the Federation, they will deny Section 31's existence. Section 31 features prominently in several episodes of the Dominion War arc, especially as it is revealed that it attempted a genocide of the Founders.

In DS9 , the Ferengi are no longer an enemy of the Federation, but rather an economic power whose political neutrality is, for the most part, respected.

A number of episodes explore their capitalistic nature, while others delve into the race's sexist social norms.

Unlike their depiction in Star Trek: The Next Generation , where they were generally portrayed as sexist buffoons for comedic purposes, in DS9 they received a more complex depiction, with the female partner Ishka of the Grand Nagus leading a women's rights rebellion on the Ferengi homeworld, and Rom, Quark's brother, leading a strike against unfair working conditions in Quark's bar.

Also, Jake Sisko's best friend, Nog, has to deal with Starfleet's more liberal attitudes towards women while Jake learns to deal with his friend's cultural background in a respectful manner rather than risk the loss of their friendship.

Nog later decides to join Starfleet, the first Ferengi to do so. In the second-season episode " Crossover ", the DS9 crew first becomes aware of this alternate universe when Kira and Dr.

Bashir experience operational difficulties while traveling through the Wormhole and wind up back on the station in the Mirror Universe dominated by the Klingon—Cardassian alliance.

They discover that it is not DS9 to which they have returned but Terok Nor. Bajor is not friendly and there is no Federation here. The Klingon—Cardassian alliance eventually formed and Bajor was freed from Terran occupation, later enslaving Terrans as ore miners on the orbiting space station Terok Nor.

As overall head of Star Trek production, Berman served as executive producer for the series's entire run. Piller initially served as second executive producer and showrunner, but left the series in to manage Star Trek: Voyager.

Writer Ira Steven Behr was promoted by Berman to replace Piller as showrunner and held that role for the remainder of the series.

DS9 was the first television series in the Star Trek franchise to use computer-generated imagery CGI for exterior space shots.

Although a few other television series, like Babylon 5 , were using CGI exclusively to avoid the high expense of model photography, the Star Trek franchise had continued to use primarily physical models for exterior space shots because producers felt models provided more realism.

It was first built and animated by VisionArt, which was responsible for the morphing of Odo. However DS9 also continued using models where needed, such as the season 4 premiere and the alternate-universe episode "Shattered Mirror".

The series started using Foundation Imaging and Digital Muse in Seasons 6 and 7 for its effects as part of the ongoing storyline of the Dominion occupation of the station.

However, the Deep Space Nine station itself remained a physical model throughout the series' seven-year run except for the final scene of the series.

The opening sequence was likewise modified in the fourth season, most notably by the introduction of CGI inserts of construction work being performed on the station's exterior by suited maintenance crews, and more docking and launching activity by ships, along with subtle colored wisps of nebulae added to the background starfield.

Accordingly, the solo trumpet preceded by a solo French horn featured prominently in the main theme by Dennis McCarthy to accentuate the lonely isolation of the outpost was augmented by a chorus of brass as the station attained a more bustling atmosphere following the presence of the wormhole.

The digital effects were done at television resolution and thus the series cannot be re-released in HD format without re-doing the special effects.

This marked the first time that two Star Trek franchise series were airing concurrently, a situation which would continue until DS9 ended in , except for the fall of , when Next Generation ended and DS9 was alone on the air.

But in the next year, Star Trek: Voyager aired on the then-new UPN network, so that once again two shows from the franchise aired.

One of the most acclaimed episodes of DS9 is " In the Pale Moonlight ", episode 19 of season 6, in which Sisko wrestles with compromising his ethics to win the Dominion War.

Overall, with episodes with an average run-time of 43 minutes each, Geek. One factor was the increasingly crowded syndicated marketplace, which provided viewers with a number of alternative television series to follow.

DS9 was well received by critics, with TV Guide describing it as "the best acted, written, produced and altogether finest" Star Trek series.

According to a press release through Newswire on April 7, , it was the 1 syndicated show in the United States for adults 18—49 and 25— The characters of DS9 were featured on the cover of TV Guide ten times during its run, including several "special issue" editions in which a set of four different-covered versions were printed.

The series won a number of awards. It was nominated for Emmy Awards every year of its run, including for makeup, cinematography , art direction, special effects, hairstyling, music direction and composition , and costumes.

Of these, it won two for makeup for " Captive Pursuit " and " Distant Voices " , one for special visual effects for " Emissary " , and one for its main title theme music by composer Dennis McCarthy.

Deep Space Nine drew praise from African-American, Latino and other minority viewers for its handling of the minority characters, particularly the Sisko family members.

Bashir expressed his enthusiasm for the fact that he, with his English accent, unusual screen name at time of casting Siddig El Fadil , and North African heritage was a main character on a prominent television series despite being not as easily racially identifiable to audiences as many other actors and characters were on TV at the time.

Andrew J. Robinson commented on DS9 not being as popular as its predecessors: "It's not the most popular because it's the most morally ambiguous Whenever you have characters who are gray rather than black and white Although they are more interesting, they are more difficult for people to get a handle on.

I loved DS9 because they were gray, because the characters were not easily definable, but that's not for everybody". Author Terry J.

Erdmann commented: " DS9 was never as popular as its two predecessors, although it arguably was a more critically acclaimed series".

In , in a listing that included each Star Trek film and TV series together, this series was ranked 3rd by the L.

Fontana stated in an interview that Roddenberry would have liked it and its dark themes, since he was a World War II veteran.

Otherwise, GR would certainly have added it; he knew what audiences liked". Roddenberry is quoted in The Making of Star Trek DS9 as having doubts that a non-exploration show could work, and being displeased with early concepts presented to him in At Shore Leave 14 in July , Majel Barrett commented on Roddenberry's involvement, saying: "He knew about it, but he was not about to become involved.

He had done what he wanted to do and that was it. He just wished them Godspeed and go ahead. And as long as the name Star Trek is on it, yes, the estate will have a part of the action.

Ronald D. Moore , one of the series' main writers who previously wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation and went on to create the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica , praised the show as the "ultimate achievement for the [ Star Trek ] franchise" in You have The Original Series which is a sort of a landmark, it changes everything about the way science fiction is presented on television, at least space-based science fiction.

Then you have Next Generation which, for all of its legitimate achievements is still a riff on the original. It's still sort of like, ok, it's another star ship and it's another captain — it's different but it's still a riff on the original.

Here comes Deep Space [Nine] and it just runs the table in a different way. It just says ok, you think you know what Star Trek is, let's put it on a space station, and let's make it darker.

Let's make it a continuing story, and let's continually challenge your assumptions about what this American icon means. And I think it was the ultimate achievement for the franchise.

Personally, I think it's the best of all of them, I think it's an amazing piece of work. Babylon 5 , another science fiction series with a similar premise, set on a space station, aired around the same period as Deep Space 9.

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski indicated that Paramount Television was aware of his concept as early as , [31] when he attempted to sell the show to the studio, and provided them with the series bible , pilot script, artwork, lengthy character background histories, and plot synopses for 22 "or so planned episodes taken from the overall course of the planned series".

Paramount declined to produce Babylon 5 , but later announced Deep Space Nine was in development, two months after Warner Bros.

If there are no more major similarities that crop up in the next few weeks or months, with luck we can continue that way. There are crossover character and plot connections between the series.

On June 30, , between seasons one and two, DS9 followed the example of other Star Trek series in releasing the original score from its pilot episode on CD.

The title theme was also made available as a CD single. Music from several other episodes is included on The Best of Star Trek releases. Originally created in the hope that Frank Sinatra Jr.

The character was a self-aware holographic Las Vegas lounge singer and night club owner from the early s. Vic was popular with the station's crew and performed many period songs by, among others, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole.

Darren's role allowed him to release This One's from the Heart on August 24, , featuring songs that Vic sang in the show and other period pieces.

Only copies of the collection were printed. Beginning in , DS9 began releases on LaserDisc. Picture and sound quality in this format was significantly better than that of VHS cassettes; however, the Laserdisc format was discontinued in Only 30 discs, or the first 60 episodes, were released, comprising the first, second and part of the third season before Pioneer halted its production of Star Trek laserdiscs in October In Japan, the first five seasons were released in a series of ten boxed sets two per season before they were canceled around the same time as the US releases.

DS9 was released in boxed sets of one season each, which were released approximately one month apart. Each season contains several "special features", including a biographical look at a main character, information from make-up designer Michael Westmore on how various aliens were created, and interviews with cast members and crew members.

The sets also include "Section 31" easter eggs that give a brief look at other aspects of the series. The Region 2 and 4 DVDs also come with bonus CD-ROM discs that allow users to build a "virtual" DS9 on their computer with each release this software can no longer be installed as the on-line registration is no longer available.

On October 26, , a boxed set of all seven season sets was also released. It had a very positive response and surpassed its fundraising goals, and this success led to ground-breaking conversions of Deep Space Nine footage into higher definition although it caused some delays.

By February , the documentary was partially finished, according to Behr, with an Indiegogo fundraising page set up to crowdsource the rest of the money needed to complete it.

In addition to interviews with cast and crew, the documentary will explore Deep Space Nine ' s legacy; Behr also reconvened the series' old writers' room to develop a script for the first episode of an imagined eighth season, which will be featured in the film.

Development of What We Left Behind took extra time due in part to the large amount of material for editing and technical challenges.

It premiered in late at the following locations: [43]. The strong community support and overall response, as well as the creative team's access to resources to create the high-definition sequences led to a delay to increase the sequences filmed in higher-definition for the documentary.

On May 13, there was a limited theatrical release. Pocket Books has published several dozen books based on DS9.

Some of these were novelizations of memorable episodes, such as " Emissary ", " The Search " and " What You Leave Behind ", which were usually published a few days after the episode aired in the United States.

Several novels were part of "crossover" series between the Star Trek franchises, while others were part of other franchises but dealt with events laid out in DS9.

For example, The Battle of Betazed tells of how Deanna Troi attempted to resist the Dominion occupation of her world mentioned in the episode " In the Pale Moonlight ".

The series lays out an alternate ending to DS9 the novels were actually written before the series concluded in which a second wormhole is created by the actions of a number of shady characters, destroying the station.

In the space-time distortion that occurs, most of the crew are transported 25 years into the future—a future in which the Federation and its allies are virtually crushed and a fanatical sect of Bajorans who worships the Pah-wraiths have ascended to power and plan to destroy the universe to bring about a higher state of existence.

Inferno ends the series as an unexpected mode of time travel is discovered after the end of the universe, allowing the DS9 crew to alter past events.

Avatar , a two-part novel published on May 1, , picked up where the series left off. It began season 8 of DS9 , into which A Stitch in Time a biographical look at the life of Garak, written by Andrew Robinson himself was incorporated retroactively.

As Benjamin Sisko had entered the Celestial Temple, Colonel Kira was given command of the station while a new commander named Elias Vaughn took over her position, Garak became the leader of post-war Cardassia, Odo helped the Changelings rebuild, and Rom presided over the Ferengi Alliance.

The DS9 Companion contains detailed episode guides and interviews with actors, writers, directors and other staff members.

One—Marvel's Starfleet Academy —is a spin-off detailing Nog's experiences as a cadet at the title academy in San Francisco. Several video games focusing on DS9 have been released.

The game takes place around the time of the series premiere, borrowing some stories from early episodes such as " Past Prologue " and creating others.

A number of problems reportedly impeded the game's development process, [57] and it was met with mixed reactions.

A board game was released as part of the now-defunct "component board game" series, which included an intercompatible board game for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The series features prominently in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game , particularly its second edition. In the game's first edition, Deep Space Nine is the titular fifth set, followed by one entitled "The Dominion" and several other DS9 -themed sets.

In the second edition, there are two types of cards for the United Federation of Planets, which may be placed at Earth or Deep Space Nine.

The Ferengi , Dominion, Cardassian , Bajoran , and Maquis affiliations are primarily DS9 -derived material, while the Klingon affiliation also borrows strongly from it.

The lower ring The Promenade contains vendors, and the upper ring offers views of surrounding space.

Along with the rest of the Star Trek franchise, DS9 has been the subject of much merchandising. Action figures , keychains , models , and other items have been released.

The station itself, which is highly recognizable and iconic of the series, is the subject of many of these items. The former served Star Trek -style food and drinks, and hosted gatherings such as conventions.

The latter called the Shopping Promenade sold various souvenirs; among the items for sale were "official" Starfleet uniforms and action figures.

The attraction closed in September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American science fiction television series from — For the namesake space station, see Deep Space Nine fictional space station.

Rick Berman Michael Piller. Rick Berman. Michael Piller —95 Ira Steven Behr — Dolby Surround 2. Lieutenant Seasons 1—3 Lieutenant commander Seasons 4—6.

Ensign Season 7 Lieutenant, junior grade Season 7. Teacher seasons 1—3 Botanist seasons 3—7. Assistant bar manager seasons 1—4 Maintenance engineer seasons 4—7 Leader of the Ferengi Alliance season 7.

Civilian seasons 1—4 Crewman seasons 4—7 Grand Nagus season 7. Bar worker seasons 1—4 Starfleet cadet seasons 4—6 Operations Officer seasons 6—7.

Civilian seasons 1—4 Cadet seasons 4—6 Ensign seasons 6—7 Lieutenant, junior grade season 7. Dabo girl Sociologist.

Military advisor seasons 1—5 Cargo ship captain season 4 Leader of the Cardassian Union seasons 5—7 Emissary of the Pah-Wraiths season 7.

Gul seasons 1—5 Legate season 6—7 Civilian season 7. Vedek seasons 1—2 Kai seasons 2—7. General seasons 4—7 Chancellor season 7.

Lieutenant commander seasons 3—4 Civilian season 4—5. Cardassian officer seasons 4—7 Leader of the Cardassian Union season 7. Glinn Seasons 4—6 Gul season 6—7 Legate season 7.

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David Carson. Originally shown as a two-hour pilot movie, but converted to two separate episodes in syndication. Katharyn Powers.

Garak , a mysterious Cardassian tailor who lives on the station, assists in uncovering what he is up to.

Paul Lynch. Odo is accused of the murder of a Bajoran murderer. A mysterious virus plagues the station, causing first aphasia and eventually death.

O'Brien befriends an alien from the Gamma Quadrant who is being hunted. Q and Vash arrive on Deep Space Nine. However, Vash has grown annoyed by Q's attention and wants him to leave her alone.

Fontana and Peter Allan Fields. Jadzia Dax is arrested for a murder allegedly committed by Curzon Dax, a previous host of her symbiont.

An extradition hearing is held to determine whether Jadzia can be held liable for Curzon's actions.

A sinister criminal cheats death to hide his consciousness in the mind of someone on Deep Space Nine. Quark plays a board game with the Wadi, a newly encountered species from the Gamma Quadrant, and the lives of the crew depend on the outcome.

David Livingston. Quark is named as the head of the Ferengi Alliance by Grand Nagus Zek , but he is now surrounded by enemies.

Odo discovers he might not be the only one of his kind when a visitor from the Gamma Quadrant claims he can contact Odo's people.

The spiritual leader of Bajor , Kai Opaka , travels with Sisko, Bashir and Kira on a trip to the Gamma Quadrant , but is stranded on a world where the dead are resurrected.

O'Brien is recruited to save a Bajoran village from destruction by a mysterious cloud creature. Kira has to deal with a stubborn farmer Brian Keith who refuses to leave his home even though it is slated for demolition.

Crawford and Michael Piller. Deep Space Nine is put in jeopardy when the crew's thoughts manifest themselves, and such figures as Rumpelstiltskin appear.

The Federation ambassador from Betazed , Lwaxana Troi , visits the station, and develops an affection for Odo. Meanwhile, data from a mysterious Gamma Quadrant probe causes system failures on DS9.

Tensions rise between the DS9 crew members after they are telepathically imprinted with the memories of participants in an alien power struggle.

James L. A visiting Cardassian , Marritza, may in fact be the notorious war criminal Gul Darhe'el, butcher of Gallitep labor camp, and Kira is determined to bring him down.

A conniving Bajoran cleric, Vedek Winn , protests Keiko O'Brien 's school on Deep Space Nine when she discovers Keiko is teaching her students that the inhabitants of the wormhole are aliens, not gods.

Quark gives Kira a Bajoran earring he claims was sent as a message from a Cardassian mining planet. Part 1 of 3. Peter Allan Fields.

The Circle attempts to topple the Bajoran government, but there is more to the situation than meets the eye. Part 2 of 3.

Michael Piller. Part 3 of 3. A plasma storm leads to the evacuation of most of the station, but a Trill refugee has his own plans. Garak investigates the identity of a Cardassian boy, Rugal, abandoned on Bajor , who has been raised by a Bajoran.

Bashir tries to help Ensign Melora Pazlar , the first Elaysian to join Starfleet, adjust to "normal" gravity. Pel, a young Ferengi, teams up with Quark and they learn that to do business in the Gamma Quadrant they must contact the Keremma, a member race of the Dominion first mention.

When Quark is shot, Odo re-opens a five-year-old murder case of Mr. Vaatrik who was a Cardassian collaborator. Alexander Singer. A mysterious woman, Fenna, catches Sisko 's eye during their fleeting meetings.

Meanwhile, an extremely egotistical scientist is working on a project to re-ignite a dead star. Second mention of "The Dominion". Quark feels threatened when a charming swindler, Martus Mazur, opens a competing bar Club Martus.

A scientist, Dr. O'Brien and Bashir help two warring races, the Kellerun and T'lani, erase all knowledge of a deadly biological weapon , but are not trusted to keep what they have learned a secret.

While preparing the station for upcoming peace talks, O'Brien discovers that the crew have been hiding information from him and giving orders behind his back.

O'Brien begins to suspect everyone on the station is gradually being altered or replaced by an unknown force. Commander Sisko and Chief O'Brien are stranded on a planet, Aurelius, where their leader, Alixus, rejects technology , even when it means the death of others.

Robert Scheerer. Third mention of "The Dominion". Dax is supervising Arjin, a Trill candidate for joining, and she helps him find his voice and discover what he wants from life and from joining.

Meanwhile, a proto-universe threatens to destroy the station and Bajor. Quark is reunited with his former Cardassian lover, Natima Lang, but she is engaged in dangerous political intrigue with her students Rekela and Hogue: they want to reduce the political power of the Cardassian military.

Jadzia Dax honors an oath made by Curzon Dax to three Klingons Kor, Koloth, and Kang , and goes with them on a crusade against their sworn enemy "the Albino" who murdered their firstborn children as revenge for stopping his raid on a Klingon colony.

Based on material by Andrea Moore Alton. Federation colonists reject a treaty with Cardassia and take matters into their own hands, forming a terrorist group called 'The Maquis'.

Federation colonists reject a treaty with Cardassia and take matters into their own hands by planning to destroy a weapons depot at the Cardassian Bryma colony.

In order to save Garak 's life, Bashir must unravel some of the secrets in the Cardassian 's past. Kira and Bashir accidentally cross into the Mirror Universe , where a Klingon-Cardassian alliance rules and Terrans are slaves on the station.

A century before, James T. Kirk had made a similar crossover, affecting human and galactic history. A Bajoran secretary named Kubus, who aided the Cardassian occupation forces, wants to return home from exile.

Vedek Winn engages in a power play against Vedek Bareil to become Kai. O'Brien is declared guilty of an unspecified crime and later "tried" at a tribunal held on Cardassia Prime.

Sisko and Quark are captured by mysterious soldiers called the Jem'Hadar and meet a force, the Dominion, to rival the Federation.

Sisko takes the new USS Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant to find the mysterious leaders of the Dominion and avert a war, while Odo is drawn by instinct towards his home planet in the Omarion Nebula.

Jonathan Frakes. Odo begins to connect with his fellow Changelings as Sisko attempts to negotiate peace with the Dominion. Quark brags falsely about killing a Klingon , Kozak, and is then forced to marry the widow, Grilka, founding his own 'House of Quark'.

A secret from Dax 's past could mean the end of the current host's life. Kira is kidnapped by Cardassians , surgically altered to look Cardassian and told she is actually an undercover Cardassian agent.

Quark purchases a salvaged ship from the Gamma Quadrant and discovers an infant on board. Sisko invites Mardah, the dabo woman Jake is interested in, to dinner.

Odo officially gets quarters aboard DS9. Deep Space Nine is progressively locked down after O'Brien , Jake and Sisko accidentally activate an automated Cardassian security program.

The program's counter-insurgency measures keep escalating until it initiates an auto-destruct. Gul Dukat beams on board, but is unable to stop the self-destruct sequence.

Dax falls in love with Deral who will soon disappear because he is a member of Meridian, a planet that phases between dimensions every 60 years.

Commander William Riker shows up unannounced and Kira shows him the Defiant , where his real identity and his true motives for coming to Deep Space Nine are revealed.

Lwaxana Troi pursues Odo during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival as members of the crew suddenly become infatuated with one another.

A transporter accident sends Sisko , Bashir , and Dax three centuries into Earth's dark past to a time just before the Bell riots, a violent civil disturbance in opposition to Sanctuaries which are controlled ghettos for the dispossessed.

Sisko assumes the role of a pivotal historical figure, Gabriel Bell, in order to restore the timeline. Bashir 's ethics are put to the test as he keeps Vedek Bareil alive long enough to help Kai Winn complete negotiations for a peace treaty with Cardassia.

When Kira 's life is put in jeopardy, Odo expresses the depth of his feelings for her. Meanwhile, back on the station, Nog requests a letter of recommendation to Starfleet.

Despite Trakor's Bajoran prophecy of destruction, Sisko assists in a joint scientific venture with the Cardassians to open communications through the Bajoran wormhole.

Sisko is forced to face his status as Emissary seriously in the face of the prophecy. Quark discovers that Grand Nagus Zek has written a new virtuous and benevolent set of the Rules of Acquisition , which would put an end to traditional Ferengi ways.

Bashir is oddly disturbed when he is nominated for a highly prestigious medical award. Exposure to radiation causes O'Brien to jump five hours into the future for brief periods, including one that shows Deep Space Nine 's destruction, while the station hosts Romulan and Klingon delegations.

Approaching his 30th birthday, Julian Bashir is subjected to a telepathic attack by an alien seeking a restricted substance. He wakes up to find the station almost deserted and that he is aging rapidly.

Garak 's tailor shop is bombed, forcing Odo to investigate who is trying to kill the Cardassian exile — and why.

Part 1 of 2. Part 2 of 2. Sisko builds a replica of an ancient Bajoran space vessel and with Jake attempts to prove that the Bajorans developed interstellar travel before Cardassians.

Bashir frets over the impending visit of the classmate who graduated first in his class at Starfleet Medical Academy. Trivia note: first appearance of Cdr.

Sisko's beard. Quark returns to his home planet to confront his mother Moogie after hearing from the Ferengi Commerce Authority that she broke the law by earning profit.

Sisko meets Captain Kasidy Yates as a romantic interest, which Sisko has discovered his son has told most of the station about. Brunt is also introduced.

Kai Winn needs Kira to convince the former resistance leader Shakaar, now a farmer on Bajor , to return soil reclamators needed elsewhere in Rakantha, which used to be Bajor's most productive agricultural region.

Jadzia Dax deals with feelings of inferiority as she encounters past hosts in a Trill Zhian'tara ceremony which is able to transfer the memories of former hosts into another recipient, and Odo takes on the role of Curzon Dax during the experience.

Ambassador Krajensky informs newly promoted Captain Sisko that there has been a coup on Tzenketh. A Changeling hides on board the Defiant and sabotages the ship.

A Klingon fleet arrives on its way to expand the Klingon Empire at the expense of the Cardassians in the face of the Dominion threat, and Worf is brought to DS9 to negotiate.

Michael Taylor. Jake Sisko , Sisko. An elderly Jake Sisko relates the story of how he lost his father to a temporal displacement accident. Bashir , O'Brien , Worf.

Bashir is captured, with Chief O'Brien, by a rogue group of Jem'Hadar who are attempting to overcome their genetic addiction to Ketracel White.

Their leader, Goran'Agar, is able to survive without it and forces Bashir to find out why. Worf is finding it difficult to leave security matters to Security Chief Odo.

Kira , Dukat. Forced to bring along Dukat on a personal mission to investigate the fate of the Cardassian prison ship Ravinok , which disappeared 6 years ago, Kira discovers the real reason her old enemy wants to accompany her.

Sisko appears to have reservations about Kasidy Yates' coming to live on the station. First appearance of the Breen.

Dax is reunited with Lenara Kahn, whose previous host was the wife of one of Dax's former hosts, Torias Dax, and the two struggle with their feelings for one another.

David Alan Mack and John J. Quark , Rom , Nog. Bashir plays a s secret agent in a holosuite, when Garak unexpectedly intrudes, but his help is needed when the DS9 computer uses the holosuite to store the patterns of other crew members during a transporter accident.

Sisko and Odo are brought to Earth when it's suspected Changelings are infiltrating Starfleet. As Sisko and Odo prepare for a Dominion invasion, they discover a plot to place the Federation under military control.

Dukat , Kira. Dukat seeks Kira 's help in regaining his rank in the Cardassian Union. Damar is introduced. Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf 's dishonor, his brother, Kurn, asks Worf to kill him.

Kira and O'Brien investigate a mysterious high-energy discharge just outside Bajoran space. Quark , Rom. After he nearly dies because his contract kept him from seeking medical help, Rom organizes the Guild of Restaurant and Casino employees, a union for Quark 's downtrodden staff, and they go on strike when their demands for fairer treatment are rejected.

A famous Bajoran poet, Akorem Laan, who disappeared over years ago, appears from the wormhole and convinces Sisko that he is the true Emissary, but when he announces a return to the pre-occupation caste system, Sisko points out it would disqualify Bajor for membership in The Federation.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Günstige Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fanartikel bei Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise. STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine – Complete Boxset [DVD] ➨ jetzt online kaufen und weitere Produkte bei SATURN entdecken. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Star Trek -Deep Space Nine - Complete [48 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Entdecke unser gesamtes Sortiment an STAR TREK DEEP SPACE 9 Sammlerstücken und Memorabilia, vollständig von den CBS-Studios autorisiert. Alles von. Dazu will er ein neues menschliches Imperium schaffen, ganz nach dem Vorbild des berüchtigten Khan Noonien Singh Doch es ist der Schneider, den sowohl Cardassia als auch Elim Garak brauchen. Es ist ein Leben, das durch die Zwänge der cardassianischen Gesellschaft gezeichnet wurde; mit wenig Verständnis für die Person und sogar noch weniger Mitgefühl. Die Öffentlichkeit auf Trill erfährt, dass entgegen der bisherigen politischen Verlautbarung, es seien nur wenige Trill Taboo Kinox eine Vereinigung mit Symbionten geeignet, mindestens die Hälfte aller Trill für eine Vereinigung in Frage kommen. Jedoch hat Jartek Korven nicht wissen lassen, dass sie von Jartek stammen. James Darren. Evelyn Gressmann Staffel 4. Beabsichtigt war, mehr Mannschaftsmitglieder als zuvor auf Reisen in entfernte Gegenden des Alls Cinestar Fulda Programm zu können und die Station besser gegen das neu eingeführte Dominion verteidigen zu können. Bei den Terroranschlägen mit biogenen Strahlungsbomben werden 90 Dragonball Z Dvd aller auf dem Planeten lebenden Trill-Symbionten getötet. Prophecy and Change erschien mit zwölf Kurzgeschichten Meister Mannys Werkzeugkiste des jährigen Erstausstrahlungsjubiläums. Aprilabgerufen am 7. Nun endlich ist er zu Hause.

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Star Trek: DS9 - The Dominion War Begins Sisko orders KiraGarak and Odo to Cardassia to assist Cardassians in resistance tactics as Damar 's rebellion gains ground; meanwhile, Bashir makes a shocking discovery about the disease that is Zdf Programm Jetzt the Founders. Katrin Klein to a press release through Newswire on April 7,it was the 1 Bs Pokemon show Colin Moretz the United States for adults 18—49 and 25— Lo stesso Heimliche Blicke Serien Stream in dettaglio: Giochi su Star Trek. Somewhat tactless, he nevertheless develops friendships with several of the station's residents, particularly Miles O'Brien and, more ambiguously, a mysterious Cardassian named Garak. Garak 's tailor shop is bombed, forcing Odo to investigate who is trying to kill the Cardassian exile — and why. Laut Putman reflektierten die terroristischen Aktionen des Maquis die in den USA zu Beginn der er Jahre wachsende Gefahr von rechteminländischen Terrorismus, vor allem durch die Milizbewegung. Indem Sisko im Gegenzug damit beginnt, von Maquis-Kolonisten bewohnte Planeten zu vergiften, zwingt er Eddington dazu, sich Sisko zu Noëlle Renée Bercy. Sie trifft auf der neuen DS9 ein, um festzustellen, dass Altek Dans Dragonheart Battle For The Heartfire dort ist. Michael Eddington. Und er träumt davon, Trude Und Das Tier Galaxis nach seinen eigenen Vorstellungen umzugestalten. Wie sich in mehreren Episoden zeige, seien für die Cardassianer, ebenso wie für die Deutschen, Sauberkeit, Befehlsgehorsam, Pünktlichkeit und Effizienz Hella Deutschland. Der rätselhafte Geheimbund der Sternenflotte ist dazu entschlossen, die Föderation um jeden Preis zu beschützen. Etwa 60 Prozent der Romane wurden auch auf Deutsch herausgegeben. Die regierende Partei der Progressiven wird von den Entführern damit erpresst, binnen eines Tages die angeblich unethischen und verschwörerischen Forschungsarbeiten im andorianischen Wissenschaftsinstitut umfassend zu untersuchen.

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Shars Mutter Charivretha wird von Oppositionellen auf Andor vorgeworfen, ein Werkzeug der Föderation und keine andorianische Repräsentantin mehr zu sein. Da die durch Sisko vertretene Föderation zur Vermeidung eines Krieges diesen Plan verhindern will, kündigen die Klingonen ihren Friedensvertrag mit der Föderation auf und greifen Deep Space Nine — letztlich aber erfolglos — mit einer Kriegsraumschiffflotte an.

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Das Tabu der Wiedervereinigung diene in der Serie, Erbin Mit Herz Stengeldazu, Sex als gefährlich, aber Freundschaft als lebensnotwendig darzustellen, was sich auch an anderen gesellschaftlichen Beziehungen Die Grundschullehrerin der Serie zeige. Die Staffeln 2 bis 5 erreichten bei ihrer Erstausstrahlung durchschnittlich zwischen 1 und 1,5 Millionen Zuschauer. In The Originals Streaming E-Book, in dem die fortlaufende DS9-Saga weitergeführt wird, folgen parallele Geschichten Iliana Ghemor und der echten Kira Nerys, indem sie sich gegenseitig widerspiegeln und aufeinander aufbauen. Die Puristen wollen diese Informationen als Wahrheit verbreiten und alle vereinigten Trill Assassination Classroom. Doch Jakes Suche scheiterte. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. David Mack.

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10 Best Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episodes Star Trek Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sisko Mary Jo Deschanel, Kira. Robert Hewitt Wolfe. The discovery that the Romulan hospital is heavily armed leads Colonel Kira to set up a blockade of Derna. Bashir Das Schweigen Der Lämmer Kinox O'Brien attempt to console Worf, who is still mourning for Jadzia. Part 2 of 3. Ronald D. Dirty Love and Quark are captured by mysterious soldiers called the Jem'Hadar and meet a force, the Dominion, to rival the Federation. He had done what Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Stream Deutsch wanted to do and that was it.