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Shameless Carl

Shameless: Frank & Carl. In Shameless wird nicht nur die schwere Alkoholabhängigkeit von Frank Gallagher dargestellt, sondern auch die weitreichenden und. Währenddessen erfährt Carl, dass er als einziger Gallagher-Bruder nicht beschnitten ist – und sucht einen Chirurgen auf. Debbie wiederum will mit kriminellen. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Shameless 5x «Uncle Carl». Ian (Cameron Monaghan) kehrt aus der Anstalt nach Hause zurück, jedoch will er seine.

Shameless Carl Inhaltsverzeichnis

Carl nimmt diesen Ratschlag an, woraufhin Chuckie mit dem Heroin erwischt wird und Sammi ihn die ganze Schuld auf Carl schieben lässt. Chuckie landet für vier. Der zehnjährige Carl wiederum kompensiert fehlende Struktur im Leben mit Gewalt und schließlich gibt es noch. Shameless: Frank & Carl. In Shameless wird nicht nur die schwere Alkoholabhängigkeit von Frank Gallagher dargestellt, sondern auch die weitreichenden und. Carl Gallagher imagines. -sweet -dirty -long -short -sad -spoilers Follow my on twitter @crazedcutkosky:) AdorableShinigamiShameless · Ethan Cutkosky. Oct 15, - This Pin was discovered by Olivia Powell. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Bonnie und Carl (The Legend Of Bonnie And Carl). Staffel 4, Folge 9 (45 Min.) Nachdem ihr Hausarrest aufgehoben wurde, macht sich Fiona auf die Suche nach. Währenddessen erfährt Carl, dass er als einziger Gallagher-Bruder nicht beschnitten ist – und sucht einen Chirurgen auf. Debbie wiederum will mit kriminellen.

Shameless Carl

Währenddessen erfährt Carl, dass er als einziger Gallagher-Bruder nicht beschnitten ist – und sucht einen Chirurgen auf. Debbie wiederum will mit kriminellen. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Shameless 5x «Uncle Carl». Ian (Cameron Monaghan) kehrt aus der Anstalt nach Hause zurück, jedoch will er seine. Bonnie und Carl (The Legend Of Bonnie And Carl). Staffel 4, Folge 9 (45 Min.) Nachdem ihr Hausarrest aufgehoben wurde, macht sich Fiona auf die Suche nach. Shameless Carl sie sehr promiskuitiv lebt, wird ihm von ihr mehrmals das Herz gebrochen, und er kommt mit Mandy Milkovich zusammen. Frank und sein Obdachlosen-Clan haben allen Grund zur Freude: Ein milliardenschwerer Philanthrop hat das Haus gekauft, in dem sie sich einquartiert haben. Michael Patrick McGill. Sich selbst überlassen, versucht seine älteste Tochter Fiona das meist chaotische Familienleben zu organisieren und hat notgedrungen die Mutterrolle für ihre Geschwister übernommen. Wer Zuerst Kommt Kriegt Die Braut Streamcloud Michael Campbell. Für das Leben seiner Kinder interessiert er sich nur wenig, rechnet sich aber deren Erfolge an. In seiner Freizeit zerstört er Spielzeugsoldaten und quält herrenlose Tiere. Jess Gabor. Im weiteren Verlauf besucht er das College und pendelt dabei zeitweise zwischen seinem Wohnheimzimmer und dem Zimmer zu Hause. Dennoch meistern die Free Movie Download Deutsch ihr an Belastungen und Hürden reiches Leben mit letztlich doch unverbrüchlichem Optimismus, Einfallsreichtum und Humor. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Shameless 5x «Uncle Carl». Ian (Cameron Monaghan) kehrt aus der Anstalt nach Hause zurück, jedoch will er seine.

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\ Die erste Episode wurde in den USA von Matthias Rimpler. Ihrem Margo Harshman Verbleib dort steht nun nichts mehr im Wege. Lip ist der Meinung, dass Ian nicht zum Militär gehen sollte, da er dort nur unnötig sein Leben Heute De Live, während Ian Lips Beziehung zu Karen missbilligt. Um das Restaurant zu retten, Shameless Carl sie es auf Vordermann und stellt neues Personal ein. Zu Beginn der ersten Staffel outet er sich Season Of The Witch Lip als homosexuell und hat eine Affäre mit dem Kioskbesitzer, für den er nach der Schule arbeitet. Phillip, genannt Lip, ist das zweitälteste Kind der Gallaghers. Das Verhältnis der beiden wird dabei häufig von Steves Lügen und den Auswirkungen seiner kriminellen Aktivitäten belastet. Monica ist wieder da!

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Young Justice: Episode 1 - Independence Day. Tv Show Base. Needless to say, but things quickly went even more sideways for Chuckie from there.

Carl, on the other hand, entered juvie a hero for not ratting out his drug lord boss. Thankfully, the kid got scared seriously straight later on in the season.

While that particular story is a near-operatic tragedy in and of itself, it proved the catalyst for Carl's journey to the side of right — or at least as close to the side of right as the Gallaghers can get.

All Rights Reserved. The worst thing that Carl from Shameless has done. At the end of Series 8 the couple marry, despite ongoing controversy and disapproval of much of the family.

In Series 9, Mimi forces Billy to have an open relationship because she is worried she is to old for him. It is also implied she knew her son Micky was gay all along, after she encourages him to leave the estate with a baby he has saved, which he does.

Jamie Maguire is the oldest son of the notorious Maguire family, the son of Paddy Sean Gilder and Mimi Maguire Tina Malone , and recently returned after serving a ten-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

Much to his parents' disgust, he appeared to be reformed, rejected his family, got a job as a barman at "The Jockey", began training as a probation officer , and became engaged to his Jockey co-worker, Karen Jackson Rebecca Atkinson.

Jamie has a tendency to sleepwalk on occasion. In the last episode of Series 4, Jamie revealed that he had admitted his guilt in order to get parole so that he could hunt down his father's three former cellmates, who were planning to muscle in on Paddy's territory and dispose of him.

His new reformed life was a sham to cover his murders of these three men. Karen assumed that his courtship of her was part of this pretence, but Jamie claimed that he really loved her and they were married at the end of the episode.

During Series 5, Jamie does his best to avoid joining the family business. She distances herself from him, questioning if she would want to have a child that would grow up in the Maguire family.

Eventually, the two separate after Karen refuses put a "Maguire" on the pub's license with her. It is during this time that Karen begins sleeping with Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , able to break it off with her increasingly controlling lover only after she threatens to lie to the Maguires and tell them he continued to physically abuse Mandy Samantha Siddall , Jamie's sister.

Jamie moves home with Karen, and she soon finds out she's pregnant again, not sure if the father was Jamie or Joe. Despite being portrayed as one of the warmer of the Maguire family, Jamie has become somewhat of a dark and aggressive character, possibly due to him taking on the family business while his father was going cold turkey when recovering from drug addiction.

Jamie is shown to go to extreme lengths to get revenge, sending one such message to Joe, after finding out about Karen's affair with him, by digging up his recently deceased father and leaving him slumped outside of the local shop.

He also proves that unlike his two brothers, he is a very effective debt collector and head of the family business, having no qualms about threatening or injuring if it brings results.

Jamie becomes a father in Series 7, but afterward witnesses the gradual mental breakdown of his wife Karen, unaware that the overwhelming guilt and self-loathing she carries is eating away at her inside.

After Karen's release from hospital, they fall behind on household bills, and Jamie is finding it difficult to cope with his wife's mental illness.

He meets a woman named Michelle while on a night out, and has sex with her in the ladies toilets. Michelle runs a male escort agency, and leaves her card in Jamie's pocket, along with some money.

They meet later when Michelle offers Jamie a job. Despite his obvious disgust at the thought of working as a "man-whore", Jamie agrees to the offer.

He services Michelle and other women, needing the money as well as some time away from Karen. When Karen begins to suspect an affair, Michelle confesses her love for him, and Paddy uncovers what he's doing and tries to tell him to stop, Jamie finally has enough.

Initially Michelle is reluctant to let him go, but when he introduces her to the virile young Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor , she changes her mind.

During this time, Karen has continued her destructive affair with Joe, who seemed to have no concerns about her illness or her erratic behavior.

Eventually, Joe announces to Jamie that he's having an affair with his wife, and claims that he is baby Connor's father.

As his marriage implodes, Jamie is also trying to deal with a threat to both the family and their business, since his father has left Chatsworth for Ireland.

As series 8 begins, Jamie is in counseling with Karen who has returned with their son. He beats up a cab driver, erroneously believing the man is Joe, and Karen finally admits Joe is dead, although she does not tell him he was murdered while attempting to kill her.

She and Connor move back with Jamie into The Jockey as they attempt to make their marriage work. In the meantime, Jamie tricks his brother, Shane Nicky Evans , into willingly giving up his attempt to run the family business.

When Shane finally realizes Jamie manipulated him into giving up leading the family business and killing a loan shark, he tells his wife, Kelly Sally Carman , that Jamie was born for this, "Scammin', schemin' and killin'.

In series 8, Jamie is shown to be scared of clowns since he saw one of them choke to death when he was young. This led to his discomfort with Karen's new business as a party clown, which lasted only until a customer attempted to molest her.

Luckily, one of the guns Jamie was selling ended up in her bag, and she was able to shoot the customer and get away, leading to Jamie taking the gun back and soothing her in a hot shower.

After losing to Karen in a card game, he agrees to put the pub back in her name, and the couple are seen looking up at the new sign, showing "Jamie and Karen Maguire" as the proprietors of the Jockey.

In Series 9, Jamie acts a spokesman for the estate when the majority of the people who live there are evicted. He and a few others become trapped underground after a family job goes wrong; they are eventually saved and it is unclear if his and Gloria's affair will continue.

Shane, overall, appeared in episodes. Shane is known for his short and unpredictable temper and limited intelligence, although he was once shown to possess great instincts for shopper's habits during Series 5 when he briefly worked in Yvonne Karib 's Kelli Hollis off-licence shop.

Judging by certain scenes from the fourth to sixth series, the other Maguire boys, except for Jamie, seemed to be taking direction from Shane, in the absence of Paddy and Mimi, which might imply that Shane is the second oldest of the Maguire children.

After coming out of a coma , Shane is left partially paralysed and bed-ridden. Conflict arises between Kelly and Shane's overpowering mother, Mimi, over who will oversee his convalescence.

However, with physiotherapy and speech therapy, his condition begins to improve. After a running a series of wedding scams together, Shane asks Kelly to marry him, but she was hesitant to do so.

After they fall out during a party at The Jockey, he tries to make amends. But discovers that weeks earlier, Kelly had sex with his father, Paddy.

A heartbroken Shane later asks his father why he betrayed him. Paddy reveals that he felt shamed by his sons for abandoning him during that night, and in a moment of self-pity, paid Kelly for sex to "hurt" his son, but he now deeply regrets it.

Shane demands that his father proves how sorry he is, and produces a syringe and a bag of heroin. As Paddy is about to inject himself, Shane stops him just in time.

Satisfied with his father's remorse, he quietly leaves Paddy, who breaks down in tears. He is now married to Kelly. They had their impromptu civil ceremony at The Jockey.

While giving a deposit to a sperm bank, Shane learned that he was sterile. Shane was upset at the thought of never having children.

His father and brothers tried to help by offering to be sperm donors for Kelly, but she refused. Shane was left to look on Liam as a son.

When Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor and Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar were framed for murder by a local drug-dealer called Jimmy, the Maguires initially decide to remain aloof from the situation, as it was "not their fight".

But Jimmy's increasing cockiness revealed in Shane a sense of justice, when he began to openly speak against Jimmy's aggressive antics before taking overt action.

When Jimmy tried to set the Gallagher home on fire, Shane stepped in, as he knew Jimmy was afraid to cross the Maguires. The last straw for Shane was when Jimmy promised to harm the family, including Liam.

When Paddy elected to remain uninvolved, Shane and Jamie decided to take the law into their own hands despite their father's wishes, and rounded up members of Jimmy's gang, and brutally interrogated them as to Jimmy's whereabouts.

Paddy later showed his face, and endorsed his son's proactiveness. Shane and Kelly have also developed a parental bond with Liam to the point where Liam even calls them mum and dad albeit in jest as they put him to bed.

In Series 8 Shane attempts to take over the Maguire's business while Mimi is in hospital after suffering a heart attack. Jamie however feels that Shane is not up to the responsibility, and when he sees that Shane has been conned out of a drug deal, Jamie takes control by making Shane believe a gangster tried to have him killed.

Jamie then encourages to shoot the gangster dead, not knowing that it was in fact Jamie who arranged for Shane to be left for dead until afterwards.

A feud builds between the two throughout the first half of series 8. Micky Maguire [9] is a "paranoid, aggressive, violent, homosexual yet homophobe " who is a member of the Maguire family.

Despite his aggressive, exaggerated personality, he is mentally weak and often runs away at the first sign of trouble. Although his father Paddy Maguire Sean Gilder often shows him disrespect and is violent towards him, Paddy still loves his son.

Micky is the most idealistic of his family, and the most loyal to his parents. In spite of Paddy's lack of faith in him, Micky was the one who tracked down Paddy after he was shot and left for dead.

Micky appeared in 84 episodes in total. When Micky initiates a brief and casual affair with Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns and falls in love with him, Micky exhibits the fact that he is an eager suitor when he follows Ian around and is very emotionally demanding.

Unlike Ian, none of Micky's family are aware of his homosexuality, despite several occasions when Micky has come close to coming out to them, or has daydreams about revealing his homosexuality to his family.

In his early appearances, Micky has a dog, Nelson, whom he has been close to for years. Ian is disgusted to learn just how close they had become at one time, and declines to continue a relationship with Micky.

By this time Micky is in love with him and wants everyone to know. When Micky is about to tell his family, Ian bursts into the room and tells them about what had happened with Micky and Nelson.

Paddy immediately has Nelson put down, deeply upsetting Micky. The early episodes of the sixth series show Micky attending college to study film.

When he reveals to his parents that he wants to pursue further education, Paddy and Mimi Tina Malone ridicule him.

Later on in the series, Mimi accepts the fact that Micky is going to college and supports her son in his educational endeavours.

Unfortunately, Micky struggles with the course and is distracted by an erotic story his professor accidentally slips in with his coursework. Micky decides that his true talents are in erotic writing and gives up his place in the class for his mother, Mimi, who loves film and has always wanted to go to college.

In the Series 7, Micky continues to build a friendship with Ian, with whom he shares a house. This series has proved that Micky has a sensitive side, as explained through his dialogue with Ian when Ian became involved with Maxine Donnelly Joanna Higson.

Micky tried to warn Ian that Maxine fancied him, not realising that Ian felt the same way about Maxine.

Ian had sex with Micky to get Maxine off his mind, but this didn't help, and he and Maxine had sex, which Micky witnessed. Micky was devastated when Ian insisted he cared for Maxine and wanted to be with her.

Micky told Ian that he'd felt like a freak before he'd had Ian to look up to, and now Ian had taken that away. Relations between Micky and the new couple remained strained, but eventually Micky decided to stop letting the relationship bother him.

He told Maxine that all he wanted was that when she finally realises she cannot be happy with a gay man, that she let Ian down gently.

But after the lady passes away Micky decides to move away from Chatsworth to look after the baby. When saying goodbye to Mimi as he is on the verge of telling her he is gay she silences him and tells him to keep in contact.

Mimi implies that she has guessed he is gay. Mandy Maguire is the only daughter of the Maguires, the Gallagher family's neighbours. She is generally more law-abiding than the rest of her family, but is fiercely loyal to them and can often have a violent and abusive streak.

Overall, Mandy appeared in 51 episodes. She develops a crush on Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns in series 1 because he stuck up for her against their teacher Mr.

Hardwick, but sends her brothers after him when he rejects her. She is the second person to find out about his homosexuality. She becomes a close friend to Ian and pretends to date him to keep leering boys away from her, leading to her relationship with Ian's brother Lip.

Mandy conceives Lip's baby, Katie , and after a year or so under the care of the Maguires, takes her away and moves in with the Gallaghers.

However her father Paddy continues to supply her with financial support. She begins an open, long-term relationship with Lip while he is away at university, but finishes with him in series 5 after Lip's secret university girlfriend shows her face, she spends the whole series being rejected by every man she's attracted to until she goes on a blind date with a young man named Dex whom she gives him an E and sleeps with him, until she realizes she might have killed him so she and Karen Maguire Rebecca Atkinson try to dispose of the body, and spend the episode horrified with their actions, until Mandy decides to turn herself in without telling them who supplied her the drugs and who assisted her to dispose the body, she then learns Dex wasn't really dead but just passed out from the drugs, Mandy decides to come clean to him only for him to reject her.

In Series 6, Mandy has recently fallen for Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , an accountant and the captain of a local football team.

Mandy's brother, Jamie, even struck up a friendship with Joe, until he discovered that Mandy had been physically abused by him, which led to Jamie savagely assaulting Joe, and sending him into a temporary coma.

Despite suffering at Joe's hands, Mandy still retains feelings for him, and resented Jamie's intervention, Danny Ian's new roommate gives her a word of advice after he tells her he loves her, which makes her reconsider and then Frank Gallagher David Threlfall brings up Katie eventually finding out which makes her decide to break it off with him only for Joe to blackmail her into staying with him, Joe's recovery, Mandy has decided to give him another chance, much to the chagrin of the rest of the Maguires, only for them to make supplemental threats to him, Jamie cutting his head off , Paddy shooting him , Shane and Micky pissing on grapes , Kelly Sally Carman injecting him and Karen threatening to tell them that he abusing Mandy when he isn't , if Joe threatens to tell Jamie of their affair.

In the final episode of Series 6, Mandy was kidnapped by Maureen, an emotionally unstable woman who lost her daughter to heroin and blames Paddy for her death.

Mandy realised that Maureen was the person who kidnapped Paddy. As Maureen disappeared to put the kettle on, Mandy followed to see what she was doing, and to her horror, found a broken gas pipe which Maureen had sabotaged.

Maureen then returned to the kitchen with matches. Mandy desperately began fighting to get the matches from Maureen just as Paddy and Mickey turned up outside to save her, however they could not gain access into the house.

Inside the house, Mandy had fought her way into the hallway and ran towards the door. Just as Micky pressed the doorbell, creating a spark, Maureen lit a match.

The gas then ignited, causing the house to explode, killing both Maureen and Mandy and throwing Micky across the street. The episode then cut to Kelly, reading a book to little Katie whilst trying to hold back the tears.

Meanwhile, at The Jockey, Mandy's funeral reception was taking place. Micky, who survived the explosion, admitted that he felt responsible for Mandy's death, Karen also felt guilt as she kicked her out of her home, hours before her death and slept with Joe.

It was mentioned that Paddy was going to return to Ireland with Mandy's ashes to scatter them, however Frank ended up spilling them across The Jockey.

In Series 8, Mandy briefly appears as an apparition or hallucination to comfort her mother when she suffers from insomnia.

She is initially believed to be the daughter of Lip's half-brother Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns , who is secretly gay and Mandy pretended to be his girlfriend while having a sexual relationship with Lip.

Katie is born after a heavily pregnant Mandy is knocked over during a robbery at the local shop. Mandy's protective parents, Paddy Sean Gilder and Mimi Tina Malone , forbid the Gallaghers from having anything to do with Katie, with the Maguires intent on raising the baby.

However, Mandy decides to begin a serious relationship with Lip in order for Katie to have both her parents in her life, so she moves in with the Gallaghers, to the disappointment of Paddy and Mimi.

Mandy later reveals that she named Katie after Mimi, with her first name actually being Katherine. Lip eventually moves to Nottingham in order to go to university, leaving Mandy and Katie with the other Gallaghers.

After Lip's father, Frank Gallagher David Threlfall , leaves ecstasy pills lying around, Mandy is terrified that Katie has swallowed some, however this turns out to be a false alarm.

In Series 6, Mandy later begins a relationship with Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , who begins to mentally abuse Mandy before starting to beat her. When this is revealed, Mandy's older brother Jamie Maguire Aaron McCusker brutally attacks Joe, with Mimi confessing to the attack in order for Jamie to remain out of prison.

Frank and Jamie's wife, Karen Rebecca Atkinson , desperately try and make Mandy see that what Joe is doing is wrong, with Mandy agreeing to end the relationship for Katie's sake.

Unbeknownst to Mandy, but Karen has begun an affair with Joe. After Paddy is kidnapped and forced to take heroin by a woman named Maureen, she is still intent on revenge for Paddy getting her daughter hooked on drugs which eventually led to her death.

Maureen contacts Mandy to come over to her house, where Mandy realizes who Maureen is and a physical scuffle ensues.

Katie is seen attending Mandy's funeral in Paddy and Mimi's care. In Series 7, Mimi decides to take Katie to Nottingham so that Lip can look after her and help her through the grief of losing Mandy at such a young age.

Katie is not seen or mentioned again until the eleventh and final series, where Frank is seen pulling faces at a young girl on the bus. The girl then leaves the bus and straight into the arms of Lip, revealing that she was Katie.

Katie, now 9 years old, is excited to see Frank, after being informed by Lip that he had been captured by the Taliban.

She instantly gets on well with her aunt, Stella Gallagher Nikita Brownlee , who is three years her junior.

Due to lacking a mother figure in her life since Mandy's death, Katie dresses like a boy and always has her hair tied back, which confuses Mimi, who attempts to persuade Katie to wear dresses.

Lip and Frank both tell Katie that she does not need to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable, so she stops wearing dresses.

Katie flees when Lip is beaten up in an alleyway, and shortly after this, Lip and Katie leave Chatsworth again to continue their lives as before.

He is portrayed as being more thuggish than the rest of his brothers, quite often seen using violence against other people, including electrocution, attempted murder and hands on combat.

He appeared in the show on a recurring basis throughout the first three series, whenever his family had problems to deal with on the Chatsworth Estate.

Mandy later admits to lying, and Donny stops harassing Ian. He is next seen when he is ordered to collect Ian for his parents as he has "impregnated" Mandy.

In series 3, he assists Paddy in tracking down and torturing a deaf teenage boy suspected of robbing the shop, which led to Mandy getting hurt.

He later kicks him off a multi-story car park when he uses a paint can to insult the Maguire boys. When his family moved to Chatsworth, Donny was not present and has not been seen since, with no explanation to his whereabouts.

The character of Donny seems to have been completely forgotten, along with his brother Joey Will Willoughby , as his mother Mimi often forgets to mention his name when talking about her kids.

He appears in only one episode in Series 2, with a minor role. Like his brother Donny Clyve Bonelle , he is the most short-lived Maguire boy and is also portrayed as nothing more than a thug to retain his family's feared status on the Chatsworth Estate.

In his only appearance on the show, he bundles Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns into a car and attends Ian and his sister Mandy 's Samantha Siddall engagement party, where he is involved in a pub brawl.

He has not been seen or mentioned since. Nigel and Delia are her half-brother and sister. She becomes estranged from both parents throughout the series.

In Season 2 she returns to Chatsworth, drops out of school to work at the Jockey where she lies about her sexuality to guarantee herself a position and moves out entirely from Sheila's house to live at The Jockey.

She is the only other character aside from Frank to appear in every series. Karen appeared in episodes in total.

Karen becomes considerably more mature in series 4, at the end of which she marries the recently freed Jamie Maguire Aaron McCusker , with whom she co-runs the pub.

Season 5 sees her becoming increasingly, albeit grudgingly, more integrated with the Maguire family and their somewhat violent way of life.

Karen suffers a miscarriage early in season 6 and very soon after, her changing behavior and the loss of their child starts creating a large rift in their marriage.

As she and Jamie argue over shared ownership of The Jockey and other problems, Karen finds herself drawn to her sister-in-law, Mandy 's Samantha Siddall , abusive boyfriend Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , and has sex with him shortly after Jamie moves out.

Joe becomes increasingly controlling, threatening to reveal their affair, and makes a failed attempt to buy out Jamie's portion of The Jockey.

During this, the Maguires find out Joe has been physically abusing Mandy, and Jamie is almost sent back to prison after brutally beating him.

When Jamie moves back in with Karen, she is able to end her affair with Joe by threatening him that if she claims to the Maguires that he's once again been beating Mandy, they will murder him.

The last episode of series 6 reveals Karen to be once again pregnant; however she is unsure whether the father is Jamie or Joe, who laughs and tells her "You belong to me now.

In the first episode of series 7, Karen is two weeks overdue in her pregnancy, and can't wait to have the birth over and done with.

When Mimi Maguire Tina Malone tells her that sex several times a day could make her waters break quicker, Karen tells that "they've" been "at it" all the time, and flashbacks show that she's been having sex with both Jamie and Joe, implying that her brief affair with Joe from series 6 has continued, despite Karen's often cold attitude towards him.

In the same episode, Karen goes into labour after having a brief confrontation with Joe in the empty bar of The Jockey Everybody else were celebrating at Frank's birthday party.

After taunting her, Joe decided to help a scared Karen deliver what could be his son, who would be christened Connor Joseph Maguire. Despite playing happy families with "proud dad" Jamie, Joe tells that she's kidding herself into thinking that she wants Jamie, when she really only wants Joe, branding Jamie "boring".

Karen would then engage in risky sex in the Maguires' living room with Joe, nearly being caught out by Paddy Maguire Sean Gilder. Afterwards, Joe would declare that he loves her and they should be a family.

Along with Karen's out of control behavior with Joe, she starts to act strange and starts losing Connor on a regular basis.

For example, she hides her baby in a dresser drawer. On the third episode of the 7th series Karen starts to act in a strange manner by becoming obsessed with exercising and thinking that she can start her own fitness business, bouncing on a trampoline outside, going out late at night to buy groceries and putting baby Connor in a wardrobe.

Karen's erratic behaviour deteriorates further as she starts ripping wall paper off the walls and playing music at high volume, even attempting suicide by falling from a window at one point.

She is saved from her suicide attempt by a quick-thinking Paddy, who shows his sensitive side when he expresses deep care and sympathy for her.

Finally Karen has to be restrained by medics and is placed in a psychiatric unit. Karen is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

When she returns home, she struggles to repair her marriage to Jamie, who is unable to have sex with her because the image of Karen during her breakdown is deeply ingrained in his mind.

Jamie, unknown to Karen, begins having sex with other women for money, and to get away from her. Jamie does not derive any pleasure from having sex with other women and is motivated by the financial gain.

Eventually he stops prostituting himself when Paddy discovers what Jamie has been up to and tries to be happy with Karen.

As much as Karen is repulsed by the sordid nature of her affair with Joe, she is also drawn to it, and is disappointed when Joe briefly stops seeing her.

When he begins going to anger management meetings, Karen repeatedly tries to taunt him, throwing cereal around his shop and offering to resume their fling, but he refuses.

Karen, pretending to be Joe's wife, drops into one of his meetings and listens to him as he talks about his attempts to control himself and how much he cares about her and their son.

The uneasy distance between Joe and Karen continues until Joe's father dies. Joe wants to start a new life with Karen and Connor and pushes Karen repeatedly to take Connor and leave Jamie.

She also stops taking her medication, with her more erratic personality being closer to Joe than to Jamie. Joe eventually takes matters into his own hands, telling Jamie that he's sleeping with his wife, and he wants her and "their" son.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what she wants, she leaves with Joe, warning him that Jamie will kill them.

In retaliation, Jamie digs up Joe's dead father, and confronts them outside the store, telling Karen it is her last chance to come home with him, and leaving the body at the side of the building.

She stays with Joe, but soon begins to question her choice as she starts taking her bipolar meds again. After some close scrapes, Joe and Karen manage to sneak Connor away from Jamie, and Joe announces they're leaving the Chatsworth estate, although Karen is becoming increasingly unsettled at both the idea of a future with Joe and the feeling that Joe's decided what will happen without giving her a choice.

She confides her worries to Ian Gallagher, who sneaks into the trunk of the car right before they leave the estate, worried for Karen and Connor.

As Karen's doubts rattle Joe, she is subjected to verbal and finally physical abuse. When Karen attempts to call Jamie, telling Joe this was all a mistake and she had to go home and fix things, Joe begins strangling her.

Ian gets out of the trunk, and repeatedly hits Joe in the back of the head while in an act of self defense until he releases her and falls to the ground.

Telling Karen to take Connor back and do whatever it takes to make it work with Jamie, he drags Joe's body to the trunk and then drives the car away.

In Series 8 Karen returns to speak to Jamie, and they begin going to marital counseling, during which Karen admits that she made a mistake, and tells Jamie that Joe is dead, although not how he died.

After several rough sessions in which he makes it clear that he finds it difficult to forgive her, Jamie tells her that he wants her and Connor back home, and that they will have to see if it can work out.

At the beginning of her voiceover for episode four, he lets her out of the cab, and she walks through the Chatsworth estate, with jeers of "slag" and "slapper" being yelled by others, and egg thrown at her.

She meets back up with Jamie at the Jockey, where he gives everyone 30 seconds for people to say whatever they like to her, before they accept that she's his wife and he won't allow it to continue.

He then headbutts one man who passed the allotted time before walking out of the room, leaving Karen standing alone.

Still feeling like an outcast and wanting badly to make her marriage work again, it's only after she runs into Frank at the hospital that she realizes she's tired of being judged for her past mistakes.

Jamie used his power of attorney while Karen was ill to put The Jockey solely in his name, and at first he is very cold towards her after her return, ignoring her suggestions and making it clear that the pub was no longer hers, but his and run with Mimi, leaving Karen feeling very left out.

She explains to him that she knows she has to earn his trust back, and just wants him to give her a chance.

After Jamie is overwhelmed by the chaos of trying to organize Libby Croker 's Pauline McLynn wedding party, he asks Karen to help them, finally acknowledging that he does need her, and does appreciate her.

Later, he takes her back into their bed and things begin to return to normal for the couple. Karen briefly tries to run a clown business before several male customers attempt to assault her, during which she shoots one in the thigh with one of the Maguire's stolen guns.

In a later episode, we see her standing in front of The Jockey, scowling up at the "Jamie Maguire, proprietor" sign. After winning a card game from Jamie, she demands that he return the pub to her.

The couple is then later seen standing in front of the pub looking at two signs, one of which says "under new management," and the other saying "Jamie and Karen Maguire, proprietors.

In series 9 Karen has returned to her former, stable self. She invites half the estate to stay with her when they're evicted, and also gets into a fight with Gloria Meak Angeline Ball , which is quickly settled.

Karen is unaware for some time that Jamie has begun an affair with Gloria, a fact that is hidden from her even when Jamie is trapped with others underground, although Gloria's brother Dominic Stephen Lord does find out at this time.

Karen later realizes Jamie is possibly having an affair, and asks for the help of Gloria and others to find out who it is, worried that perhaps it is her condition causing paranoia.

At the end of the episode, she sees Jamie and Gloria together, and realizes who he was having an affair with all along. Several episodes later Karen and Connor's lives appear to be in danger, with Jamie receiving threatening phone calls and pictures of his family.

Karen is attacked in the park while walking Connor. He attempts to go after enemies while trying to protect his wife and child, and later agrees to a ransom of , after Karen is kidnapped.

After several car changes, he finds Karen as she walks out into the warehouse, revealing to him that she planned the whole thing, and that she knows about his affair.

She explains that now she knows he does love her and she loves him, but that the secrets are going to stop.

She's keeping the ,, and will now control the finances of his business, keeping Jamie in check. At the end of the episode, she tells him that if something happens to her, there is an unknown friend who knows everything about Jamie.

A recovered heroin addict, she became a prostitute and inspired Lillian Tyler Alice Barry to open up a brothel, and struck up a relationship with Shane Maguire Nicky Evans , which ended under intimidation from his father Paddy Sean Gilder.

She returned a couple of episodes later, telling Shane she "decided not to take his father's offer". This resulted in Shane confronting Paddy, who beat him up in The Jockey.

At the end of series 5 Kelly announces she is pregnant with Shane's child, and is welcomed into the family with open arms by Paddy and Mimi Tina Malone.

In series 6 it is revealed by Kelly that she had had a phantom pregnancy , and was comforted by Mimi and Shane.

Kelly appeared in 85 episodes overall. During her early appearances on the show, Kelly had a hostile relationship with her sister-in-law Veronica Fisher Maxine Peake , who was the one that eventually discovered her addiction to heroin, and helped Kelly get clean by locking her in the bathroom against her will, she would later return to Chatsworth looking for a room to rent and Frank Gallagher David Threlfall used it as opportunity to collect cash from her, and allows her to live with him and Sheila Jackson Maggie O'Neill but little do they know that's she's a prostitute and kick her out because of it.

In series 7, Kelly is chosen initially by Jamie and Karen to be the godmother of their newborn son, Connor Joseph Maguire.

She and Shane have also actively dealt in personal side jobs in addition to the normal Maguire family business. In the fourth episode of Series 7, Kelly has sex with Paddy in exchange for money, after Paddy found it hard to "pull" on a night out with his sons.

Paddy wanted to hurt Shane since he felt Shane had not been there for him. Paddy and Kelly kept their encounter a secret, but during a mass wedding scam, Shane proposed to Kelly.

Kelly turned him down several times, even ending their relationship, because she could not marry him while living a lie. Shane told her he would forgive her sleeping with anyone, at which point she and a guilty Paddy made eye contact.

Shane was devastated to learn the truth, but forgave Kelly, and they married in a civil ceremony at the Jockey. Shane was deeply upset when he learned he was sterile.

As they would be unable to adopt a child, Liam Gallagher Johnny Bennett convinced them to try to be parents to Shane's niece Katie. This plan was dashed when Katie's father Lip decided to take a more active role in her life.

Kelly and Shane decided to give up on their plans and just be honorary parental figures for Liam, whom she has grown quite fond of. Kelly was revealed in the thirteenth episode of series 7 to have a fifteen-year-old half-sister named Tonya, whose care she was briefly responsible for.

Kelly and Tonya were both fathered by a man named Homer. It was implied that he abused them both sexually. Tonya had a baby-boy named Enrico, who was in foster-care.

Micky, who pretended to be Shane during a visit from a social worker during his brother's absence, found out from Tonya that Enrico was actually born out of incest with her father, who raped her.

She begged him not to tell Kelly. After finding out that Homer abused them both, Micky injected tranquilizer into Homer's bloodstream in The Jockey toilets, and dragged him with Shane's help to a slaughter-house to dispose of him, doing his sister-in-law a tremendous favour in the process.

Kelly and Shane break up and her and Marty start their lives together. In Series 9 Kelly loses the baby in an accident, leading to a breakdown of constant drinking and drug abuse.

She eventually leaves, disowning her friends, but returns when she realizes Marty truly loves her.

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