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Konosuba Kazuma

Die neue Anime-Serie "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! In der Animeserie "Konosuba"erlebt Ex-Gamer Kazuma nach seinem Tod wilde und manchmal. Kazuma Satou - 1/8 scale - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 - Bell Fine | Ninoma. Homepage; Bandai Spirits (Banpresto); Kazuma Satou - 1/8 scale. - KonoSuba Satou Kazuma - Konosuba - T-Shirt | TeePublic.

Konosuba Kazuma Starke Frauen in Animes

Als der Hikikomori Kazuma Satō (佐藤 和真) nach langer Zeit mal wieder das Haus verlässt, rettet er ein Mädchen davor überfahren zu werden, kommt jedoch​. Kazuma Satou ist der Protagonist der Serie Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! und kommt auf ziemlich peinliche Art bei einem Unfall mit einem Traktor ums. Kazuma Satou - 1/8 scale - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 - Bell Fine | Ninoma. Homepage; Bandai Spirits (Banpresto); Kazuma Satou - 1/8 scale. Die neue Anime-Serie "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! In der Animeserie "Konosuba"erlebt Ex-Gamer Kazuma nach seinem Tod wilde und manchmal. Kazuma SATOU ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!«und aus dem Manga»Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!«. - KonoSuba Satou Kazuma - Konosuba - T-Shirt | TeePublic. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!: Kazuma Satou (Wallpaper)Dimensions Wallpaper: x Kazuma S KonoSuba Wallpapers Mobile: Kazuma.

Konosuba Kazuma

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!: Kazuma Satou (Wallpaper)Dimensions Wallpaper: x Kazuma S KonoSuba Wallpapers Mobile: Kazuma. When Kazuma Satou died, he was given two choices: pass on to heaven or be revived in a fantasy world. After choosing the new world, the goddess Aqua tasked. Kazuma SATOU ist ein Charakter aus dem Anime»Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!«und aus dem Manga»Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!«.

The cure requires the fingernail of a powerful Demon, which they contact Vanir about. He tells them that there is a friend of his that they can ask; a demon who lives in solitude under the guise of Duke Saierhilde.

The duke turns out to wear a penguin suit with a hobby of collecting rare monsters for fighting. He offers to give them his fingernail if they are successful in defeating some monsters, but they failed the challenge.

They retire to a nearby hotel where they meet up with Chris who agrees to help them get the fingernail forcefully.

They are successful in retrieving the nail and, with the final ingredient in place, they finish creating the medicine to cure the children.

Aqua is the first person Kazuma met after his death and has been with him since the start of the series.

They have a platonic brother-sister like relationship and fight a lot just like most siblings. Aqua seems to have poor timing and often walks in on Kazuma during the worst times i.

It is clear that Aqua cares for Kazuma as he is the first she goes to if there is any serious problem and they trust each other greatly even if they do not want to admit it.

One of the early signs of Kazuma gaining affection for Megumin was at the conclusion of Volume 5 during their trip to the Crimson Demon Village. Megumin confided in Kazuma that she does not want to be seen as a useless mage and that she will give up using Explosion Magic to learn Advanced Magic.

She could not bring herself to use her adventurer card to learn it so she handed it to Kazuma. Kazuma realized she did not actually want to give up Explosion Magic and instead of having her learn Advanced Magic he buffed her Explosion Magic causing her great joy.

After the events with Wolbach in Volume 9 ; Kazuma, on the trip back, reflects on the events that transpired along with Chomusuke.

While resting Megumin entered his room and asked if she could sleep with him that night. Megumin ends up confessing to Kazuma that she loves him, even going into detail of all the thing she loves about him.

It began getting intimate, however it is cut short when she begins crying. She is still shaken up about Wolbach, the person who taught her Explosion, and her demise by Megumin hands.

Kazuma responds with talking about his time before arriving in Japan and how he was ungrateful and a NEET that was not going anywhere with is life, something he has not discussed with anyone, ultimately trying to cheer her up.

It works and after laughing at his clown act of cheering her up she leaves the room happily. In Volume 12 , while the status of the relationship between Kazuma and Megumin remains at "more than friends but less than lovers" discussion of children and going on dates is made.

Megumin does not seem to be against the idea but the whole conversation is very awkward for them. An epiphany hits Kazuma however, he realizes that marrying and having a child may not be all that bad when he imagines Megumin with him, and finally understands that he is really in love with her.

By the end of the conversation Megumin decides that until they become official they will keep it secret from Aqua and Darkness, and banning any mature activities, much to Kazuma's dismay.

Kazuma initially refused Darkness's advances to join the party, several times in fact, but she took it as some sort of reward due to her masochistic tendencies.

After hearing about what happened to Aqua and Megumin during their quests with the frogs she wanted to party up even more. Kazuma eventually caved and the third and final member of the party joined.

Over time her feelings for Kazuma grow but appear to be just a step behind Megumin in terms of timing. This did not stop Darkness however, as she does kiss Kazuma and even tries to rape him.

Due to her inexperience she is lead by Kazuma during this encounter but is thwarted when Aqua and Megumin break into the room. She makes further attempts to win over Kazuma during Volume 13 where she corners him in the bathroom to wash his back as thanks for helping her cousin Sylphina.

She is again thwarted by Megumin as she returned home from her Village. Chris was the first person to teach Kazuma specialized skills and one of these skills was the move Steal.

During this training, Chris made a little game for Kazuma to use Steal on her and keeps whatever he gets. Kazuma ended up stealing her panties and shamelessly made her give him her wallet to get them back.

However, she did not get to talk much about about Kazuma due to Sena cutting her off. This lead the party to the villa of Alderp the tyrannical lord of Axel as they figured he was a big target for the thief.

That night, sure enough, the thief broke in but was captured by Kazuma. The thief turned out to be Chris where she believed that Alderp is in possession of a divine relic in his villa.

After explaining that she was acting as the chivalrous thief she tried to recruit Kazuma for help with collecting divine relics but Kazuma pushed her out before she could explain as he did not want to hear it.

Later on Chris does get a chance to properly explain to Kazuma of her plan to collect divine relics, or the "cheat" items brought into the world.

Kazuma ends up joining Chris in the collection of rouge cheat items from previous people brought to this world forming the Silver Haired Thieving Group.

One of these items is a pendant that allows a user to swap bodies with another person. The current holder of this item was Iris but she did not have knowledge of its power.

They could not simply ask for the pendant so they staged an operation to break into the castle and retrieve it.

Dust at one point thought Kazuma had it good; money and a party with three beautiful girls, what more could you want?

As a test Dust offered to switch parties with Kazuma. Kazuma meshed with his new temporary party so well that they almost would have kept the change if Dust had not begged to switch back.

Kazuma first met Eris when he was beheaded by the Winter Shogun. From his short encounter with her he began to see Eris as a truly caring goddess and the main heroine of this story.

Aqua seems to look down on Eris, claiming that she pads her chest. Kazuma later learns that Chris is actually Eris in disguise after multiple hints from Eris in his trips to the afterlife.

She does not really have anyone to hang out with besides her attendants Clair and Rain so she attaches to Kazuma fairly quickly.

She even begins using slang that he taught her. During the climax of Volume 6 it became known to Chris and Kazuma that Iris is in possession of a dangerous pendant brought to this world that allows a user to swap bodies with another person.

They could not outright ask to get rid of it so they instead sneak into the castle at night to steal it. Kazuma and Chris end up getting the pendant but Kazuma mistakenly steals a ring off of Iris.

This ring is meant to be given to the person she will be married to, according to the customs of Belzerg. Iris realized the identity of Kazuma the night he broke into the castle even though he had a disguise.

To this day, she has not asked or made an attempt to get the ring back. Kazuma accompanies Iris to Elroad as her bodyguard, for her to meet with Prince Revi to secure the funds for fighting the Demon King Generals demon king army.

Iris and Kazuma resort to bets to secure the money from the prince. After the events of Volume 10 , on their trip back to the capital , Kazuma gives Iris a cheap ring he found in a shop in Elroad as a gift.

This ring was to cover up the spot that was bare from losing her previous ring. Iris ends up cherishing this gift despite the price as it is a gift from Kazuma.

Vanir was an antagonist to Kazuma and his party when they first met as he was a Demon King General at the time. After his defeat he broke his contract with the Demon King and became an attendant at Wiz magic shop.

Shortly after, they became business partners; Kazuma would create Japanese products and sell the product rights to Vanir, which is where Kazuma got a great portion of his wealth.

This partnership was beneficial to both as it furthered Vanir's pursuits to fund his dream to build the largest dungeon in the world and got Kazuma out of debt.

Kazuma and his party met Wiz at the local cemetery where she was sending off spirits to the afterlife. Upon the discovery that Wiz is an undead Lich , Aqua immediately began trying to purify her but failed.

She also accompanies Kazuma and the party to Alcanretia as Vanir wanted to get her out of the shop for a little while. It turns out there was a Demon King General name Hans operating there and she was key in the defeat of him.

Wiz is in a contract with Vanir to create the largest dungeon in the world for him but it requires a large amount of funds.

Kazuma worked with the pair to sell his created products in Wiz's shop. Kazuma and Wiz are friendly to each other despite her being undead and a Demon King General.

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In the afterlife, Kazuma is greeted by a goddess named Aqua, who offers to transport him to an RPG-like world in order to battle against a Devil King.

Given the option to choose any item or ability to arm himself with, Kazuma, annoyed by Aqua's attitude, decides to drag her along with him to the town of Axel.

With Aqua unable to return until the Devil King is defeated, the two earn some money to register as adventurers, with Kazuma assigned to a rather generic Adventurer class while Aqua is assigned as an Archpriest.

The two then proceed to spend the following weeks working a carefree life as laborers, before eventually remembering that they need to do some actual adventuring.

After struggling to defeat some giant frogs, Kazuma and Aqua seek out members to join their party. They are soon approached by Megumin, a magician capable of performing powerful explosion magic.

However, they quickly discover that she becomes incapacitated immediately after casting her Explosion spell and is too stubborn to learn anything else.

Reluctantly keeping Megumin in his party, Kazuma is then approached by a crusader named Darkness , who also seems to have a dubious quirk. As Kazuma becomes cautious about Darkness' odd behavior, her thief friend Chris offers to teach him a Steal skill, which he inadvertently uses to steal girls' panties.

Later, the entire town is brought together to defeat an army of cabbage monsters for the harvest, where Darkness demonstrates her ability to withstand enemy attacks while also showing off her nature as a masochist.

With hunting requests declining due to one of the Devil King's generals moving in nearby, Kazuma accompanies Megumin as she practices her explosion magic on a seemingly abandoned castle.

This ends up infuriating the general, Verdia the Dullahan , who had been living in that very castle. Placing a death curse upon Darkness, Verdia demands that Megumin come to his castle within a week in order to save Darkness' life.

Shortly after Verdia takes his leave, however, Aqua simply removes the curse from Darkness, eliminating the need to make the journey to the castle.

Wanting to earn some money despite only hard quests being available, Aqua takes on a request to purify a lake filled with alligator monsters, with the others putting her in a cage to keep her safe.

Though Aqua eventually gets the quest done, she is left somewhat traumatised from hours of alligator attacks.

On the way back, the group encounter Kyouya Mitsurugi, another human Aqua had sent to Axel, who is less than pleased with the way Aqua is seemingly being treated.

Kyouya challenges Kazuma to a duel but is quickly defeated after Kazuma steals the cursed sword he received when he came to the RPG world.

The next day, after Kyouya becomes shocked to find that Kazuma had sold his sword, Verdia returns to the town, wondering why no one came to fight him.

Annoyed that Megumin had still been using his castle for explosion practice, Verdia, after proving easily susceptible to Aqua's purification magic, summons an undead army which is quickly defeated by Megumin's explosion magic.

As Verdia then battles against Darkness, Kazuma deduces that he is weak against water and has Aqua attack him with a flood.

Managing to weaken him, Kazuma manages to steal Verdia's head, giving Aqua the chance to defeat him with her magic.

The next day, Kazuma and his party earn a hefty reward for defeating Verdia, which is immediately put towards paying off the damages Aqua's flood caused to the town.

Needing money to pay off his debts despite the freezing weather, Kazuma and his party takes on a quest to kill Snow Sprites.

However, their hunting attracts the attention of a powerful Winter Shogun who kills Kazuma, sending him to the world's afterlife where he meets a goddess named Eris.

Just as Eris offers him the chance to be reincarnated into the human world once again, Aqua uses her resurrection magic to bring Kazuma back to life.

Kazuma and Aqua visit a magic shop run by a kind-hearted lich named Wiz, who reveals herself to be one of the Devil King's generals in charge of protecting a barrier surrounding the Devil King's castle.

After Wiz teaches Kazuma the Drain Touch skill, the party takes on a request to exorcise evil spirits from a mansion, where they can stay during the winter.

Later that night, Kazuma and Megumin find themselves on the run from an army of possessed dolls while also desperately needing the bathroom.

The following morning, Aqua reveals that her actions after first meeting Wiz led to the mansion being haunted in the first place. Kazuma and his adventure friends Keith and Dust go to a shop run by succubi who provide male adventurers with much needed relief by giving them erotic dreams.

After having a luxurious crab meal and briefly falling asleep in the bath, Kazuma mistakes Darkness entering the bath as the dream and tries to order her to do dubious things.

Before they can proceed further it's discovered that Aqua has trapped the succubus before she was able to incite his dream, leading Kazuma to get beaten up by the others while trying to help the succubus escape.

The next day, a mobile fortress known as the Destroyer approaches town. With their members being perfectly suited for the job, Kazuma's party, along with Wiz, are chosen to lead an attack against the Destroyer.

When Kazuma Satou died, he was given two choices: pass on to heaven or be revived in a fantasy world. After choosing the new world, the goddess Aqua tasked. KonoSuba: Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin and Darkness Group - 52 Blatt Spielkarten Pokerkarten Skatkarten - original + offiziel lizensiert: Sport. Konosuba Kazuma Rie Takahashi. ISBN Das hat sie nun davon, dass sie ihn ausgelacht hat. ISBN mit Hörspiel. Er wählt das neue Leben Julien Doré nimmt als Hilfsmittel die Göttin Aqua mit! Veröffentlicht ab Dezember Kazuma hatte vor Aufregung bei dem Sprung einen Herzanfall erlitten und sich auch noch eingenässt, angeblich mussten sogar seine Eltern über diesen Tod lachen. Episode 1. Jun Fukushima. His usual outfit consists of a gold-trimmed green mantle, white shirt, pants, and leather boots. February 13, As Kazuma gradually cut down his sleeping time and focused his efforts to exterminate monsters all the time in games, people who knew his name became fewer and fewer. Kadokawa Rango Stream. Now Konosuba Kazuma with proving his innocence and repaying the damages to the mansion, Kazuma quickly finds all of his possessions repossessed to go towards his debt. Throughout the series, Kazuma is consistently sarcastic, Wiesloch Kino, and blunt, especially towards his Nele Guderian teammates. However, he is not scared of Einsam and works hard during this time to relieve his debts.

Konosuba Kazuma - Scale Figures

April veröffentlicht werden. Ihm zur Seite stehen die zerstreute Göttin Aqua, die explosionssüchtige Magierin Megumin und die masochistisch veranlagte Kreuzritterin Darkness. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Their relationship began as routine walks to cast Explosion each day, where Kazuma would carry her back home after. They have a Beau Brummel brother-sister Abi 97 Film relationship and fight a lot just like most siblings. Though Aqua eventually gets the quest done, she is left somewhat traumatised from hours of Simon Kunz attacks. Some of these traits are brought with him as he prefers lazing about at home instead of risking his Synchronsprecher Gesucht adventuring. After many adventures, Darkness finally confesses her love for Kazuma, but he instantly rejects her by saying he is already in love with someone else. Kadokawa Shoten. Volume 1.

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Dieses wurde am 1. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. September und dem Heute lassen sich diese Kämpferinnen definitiv von nichts unterkriegen und zeigen den bösen Jungs, wo es langgeht. Echte Helden brauchen keine Superkräfte. Dezember — Caroline Combrinck

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Echte Helden brauchen keine Superkräfte. Er lernt Grundlagenmagie, was viele für Verschwendung von Skills halten, denn damit kann er nur ganz einfache Zauber verschiedener Klassen ausüben. Kazuma und Aqua hat es ins Königreich Belzerg verschlagen. September und dem Ihre Missionen treten sie aber hauptsächlich Www.Kinox.Tv, wenn das Geld knapp wird. Oktober und dem Dezember bis zu ihrem Abschluss

Since they had no money or equipment when they joined, they were unable to go on any quests and had to resort to construction work and sleeping in stables to survive.

Eventually Kazuma and Aqua decided to go on a quest to kill a few giant frogs. This did not go well and they almost get eaten, so they decided to recruit members for an adventurer party.

They first meet and recruit Megumin , an archwizard who is capable of casting explosion magic. With Megumin they just managed to complete their quest, but with a lot of trouble because Megumin turned out to be uncapable of using anything besides explosion magic and she also would not be able to move after casting it.

Kazuma only reluctantly let her join the party after she blackmailed him by making him seem like a sexual harasser. Later, a crusader called Darkness , approached Kazuma as she wanted to join his party.

Kazuma quickly realised that she only wished to join his party because she's a massive masochist and was only intereste in joining because Kazuma was a rumored brute and sexual harasser.

As a result he tried his best to refuse darkness. A friend of Darkness, a thief named Chris later approached Kazuma and offered to teach him a thief skill called Steal , which is a skill that benefits from Kazuma's high luck.

Oddly when he tried the skill he only managed to steal the panties of Chris and Megumin, even further establishing him being a rumored sexual harasser.

In an emergency quest involving the harvesting of flying living cabbages, Kazuma managed to gather a small fortune thanks to his incredibly high luck stat.

At some point, a general of the Demon King Army moves in close by to Axel, intimidating low level monsters, the number of low level quests began to dwindle.

Without any quests to do, Kazuma began a daily routine with Megumin. They would find a spot far away from Axel so Megumin could practice her explosion magic.

Kazuma would then carry her back to town as Megumin would not be able to move afterward. As it turns out, the spot they had chosen was actually the home of the Dullahan Beldia , one of several Demon King Generals , who personally came to Axel to warn them to stop the explosions.

Afterward he completed some more quests and met another person from Japan, Mitsurugi Kyouya , who was angry at Kazuma for taking Aqua with him. In a very short duel, Kazuma managed to defeat Mitsurugi and take his cheat item, the cursed sword Gram and sold it for a fair amount of money.

Eventually Beldia would return to Axel, angry at Megumin and Aqua for continuing to terrorise his home with explosions. This confrontation would eventually escalate to the entire adventurer's guild of Axel fighting Beldia and his undead army.

This eventually led to the party ending up in debt despite the huge bounty for defeating Beldia. The winter is harsh in this fantasy world, and most adventurers are holed up until the spring.

One of the quests they take on is a non-threatening sounding quest to hunt snow fairies. In the afterlife Kazuma meets Eris , the goddess in charge of overseeing this fantasy world, much like how he met first met Aqua during his first death.

Kazuma was immedialty charmed by Eris who was much more compassionate toward him than Aqua was. Aqua is able to revive Kazuma though, paying no mind to any potential heavenly rules that may be broken.

As for other quests: Kazuma and Aqua explore a dungeon where they meet a Lich named Keele and help him and his deceased wife pass on to the afterlife; during a visit with Wiz the party is tasked with exorcising a mansion and from their success the landlord allows them to stay in the mansion as their new home.

Kazuma meets Dust and Keith in town looking into an alleyway at what appears to be a small cafe. It turns out this is a cafe run by succubi where many male adventurers gather for the services they provide.

Kazuma waits for the succubus to arrive at his home later that night but the succubus ends up failing due to a barrier Aqua set up on the mansion.

Though it was defeated the threat was still not over as the fortress started a countdown to explode. However the location that this bomb is teleported to is inside the mansion of Alderp, a powerful noble and landlord, destroying his estate.

Due to the destruction of the mansion, it lands Kazuma with a warrant for his arrest and thrown in jail. Alderp rigs the trial however and condemns Kazuma to death.

Darkness jumps in before this verdict is made revealing she is a noble from a powerful family and asks to postpone the execution.

Walter is a completely different person to his father so Kazuma attempts to make the marriage meeting a success. It turns out this is a cafe run by succubi where many male adventurers gather for the services they provide.

Kazuma waits for the succubus to arrive at his home later that night but the succubus ends up failing due to a barrier Aqua set up on the mansion.

Though it was defeated the threat was still not over as the fortress started a countdown to explode. However the location that this bomb is teleported to is inside the mansion of Alderp, a powerful noble and landlord, destroying his estate.

Due to the destruction of the mansion, it lands Kazuma with a warrant for his arrest and thrown in jail.

Alderp rigs the trial however and condemns Kazuma to death. Darkness jumps in before this verdict is made revealing she is a noble from a powerful family and asks to postpone the execution.

Walter is a completely different person to his father so Kazuma attempts to make the marriage meeting a success. Kazuma and his party explore the dungeon once more where they discover another Demon King General, Vanir.

Kazuma uses his technological knowledge from Japan to develop some products to be sold in the new world.

Vanir offers him a large sum of money for all of his products and patent rights, which in turn gets Kazuma out of his debt.

Set for life, Kazuma and his party, with Wiz tagging along, head to the hot springs city Alcanretia. Kazuma, in an effort to retreat from the cultists, finds himself trying out one of the many hot springs in the city where he encounters a woman who he would later realize is actually Wolbach, a Demon King General.

He also encounters another man during his stay who is later to be revealed as Hans, who is a Demon King General himself. With the assistance of Wiz, Kazuma and party defeat Hans and collect yet another high bounty after returning to Axel.

Yunyun approaches Kazuma one day with an urgent letter from the Crimson Demon Village. This technology included a rifle capable of absorbing and firing magic.

Sylvia attacks the village and even with all of the might of the Crimson Demons her magic resistance is too high for them.

Kazuma and party end up having Megumin cast Explosion on the previously mentioned magic rifle. Upon returning to Axel, Kazuma receives a letter from a princess who wishes to meet him.

Kazuma and party receives an audience with the insatiably curious Princess Iris. This is of course due to all of their victories against the Demon King.

The chivalrous thief lives up to its moniker, being chivalrous, as they appear to be only robbing the more questionable nobles.

Assigned to help capture the thief, Kazuma goes to the residence of the controversial noble Alderp. Kazuma is successful in capturing this thief, but has to pretend to have failed when he discovers the burglar is in fact the thief Chris.

His reputation is further tarnished when he is slain during a skirmish with the Demon King army from a few weak Kobolds. Later, Chris recruits Kazuma in attempt to steal a divine relic, a body-swapping pendant in the possession of the unsuspecting unwitting Princess Iris; while also aiming to disrupt a conspiracy to impersonate the royal family.

With his sullied reputation, Kazuma infiltrates the royal castle with Chris to steal the dangerous pendant while in disguise.

He is successful in the raid on the castle, but as he is in disguise, few people know of his escapades that night. He steals an engagement ring from Princess Iris in the process, who recognizes him as the thief and admires him greatly.

In order to save her family, Darkness agrees to marry the landlord Alderp and quit being an adventurer. Of course Alderp is pulling the strings as the Dustiness family is mostly in debt to him.

Kazuma and party rescue Darkness from the wedding as they care for her greatly but also because much of the debt is due to the flood damage caused by Aqua during the Beldia fight.

Kazuma goes as far as dumping his entire fortune, one billion Eris, to free up the debt to Alderp. Aqua heals Lord Dustiness, whose illness is determined to be from a curse placed on him.

Vanir uncovers a conspiracy of Alderps design where he had made a pact with another demon named Maxwell; who he had used to place a curse on Lord Dustiness.

But because Vanir reminds Maxwell that his pact with Alderp is owed payment the demon collects it by dragging Alderp to hell.

Kazuma ends up getting stuck helping Aqua manage stalls. Around this time, Kazuma comes to realize that the thief Chris is actually the goddess Eris in disguise.

They are unsuccessful in retrieving the Relic and it ends up escaping. In order to find the armor, Kazuma comes up with the scheme of holding a beauty contest at the festival in order to lure the armor for capture.

The sacred armor shows up but refuses to surrender as none of the women there are attractive enough for it until Chris drops her disguise and appears as Goddess Eris.

The Eris worshippers in the crowd become rowdy due to Eris appearing, and Aigis finds Eris beautiful enough and allows her to wear him, allowing her to escape from the unruly crowd.

Kazuma becomes aware of an evil goddess and Demon King General named Wolbach who is attacking an important fortress on the front-lines.

Wolbach is attacking with guerilla hit and run tactics by casting explosion magic on the fortress and using teleportation to escape.

Kazuma aims to gain fame and recognition to properly visit Iris once again so he agrees to help out at the fortress.

Kazuma, Megumin and Yunyun end up retaliating against Wolbach defeating her. It is here where Wolbach is revealed to be the mentor that taught Megumin Explosion Magic.

Kazuma receives a letter from the capital regarding a marriage meeting between Iris and Revi; a prince from the neighboring country Elroad.

On their arrival, Kazuma finds out that the true motive behind the meeting was to secure defense funding from Elroad, which was to be used in the war effort against the Demon King.

To secure the funds, Kazuma and Iris resort to gambling as Elroad's prince is hesitant to provide financial support for suspicious reasons. When his party returns to Axel, Kazuma elects to stay with Iris and live out the rest of his life being a NEET and in turn gives Iris several bad habits.

Claire and the rest of the royal guards oppose this and make an attempt to run him out of the castle. They are successful but not without a significant fight from Kazuma.

Upon returning, Kazuma discovers he is locked out of his mansion by Aqua, who is unhappy with his decision to remain in the capital. Kazuma meets a girl brought to the mansion by Darkness named Slyphina, a cousin to darkness.

She is a prone to sickness. After a heated argument, Kazuma expresses romantic interest in Megumin. They decide to start dating but want to keep it a secret from the rest of their party.

The next day, Luna makes an announcement that the guild will begin collecting taxes in response to the recent lack of mission completions from laziness of the adventurers.

Those who manage to escape capture will be exempt from the taxing. Kazuma manages to avoid capture briefly by assaulting a police officer to hide in jail.

Darkness later surprises Kazuma by chaining him to herself and hiding the keys in the yard of the mansion as it turns out she was the one who initiated the tax collection.

While strapped to each other in the bedroom Darkness confesses that her preference in men has changed over time and that she loves him.

However, Kazuma formally rejects her as he has feelings for Megumin. One day after going outside, he died attempting to save a girl from being hit by an oncoming truck.

The truck was, in fact, a slow-moving tractor, but thinking that he was run over, Kazuma died from shock.

Once in the afterlife he met Aqua and, annoyed by her attitude, brought her with him to Axel. After unintentionally recruiting Megumin and Darkness, Kazuma eventually became one of the most famous adventurers in Axel.

His party defeated Beldia and was essential in the defeat of the Destroyer , but the reward they received was offset by the massive debt incurred due to the collateral damage.

After encountering and defeating Vanir , Kazuma made a deal with the Devil to sell his knowledge of modern technology.

Though there were setbacks, Kazuma eventually became the richest adventurer in Axel from this arrangement. Kazuma continued, often against his will, to defeat multiple of the Demon King's Generals and High Bounty Targets, gaining fame as well as a reputation for trickery and scumminess.

After being invited to the capital, Kazuma began to act and be treated as the older brother of Iris. He later formed the Silver Haired Thieving Group with Chris , who's main goal was the retrieval and sealing of Divine Relics cheats leftover by dead Japanese adventurers.

With the help of Vanir, Wiz , and many adventurers in town, Kazuma abused his adventurer class to learn a wide variety of skills which he used in the assault on the Demon King's Castle.

Kazuma belongs to the Adventurer class. As such, he can learn some minor skills, spells, and abilities of other classes as well as his own.

After venturing into the world's hardest dungeon , he learned many other skills on top of the ones he had prior due to having an insane amount of skill points.

Luck : Kazuma has an extraordinarily high luck stat, so high that even Luna was surprised. However, she claims that its numerical value isn't really essential to an adventurer.

The only person Kazuma has ever lost to in a game of rock-paper-scissors is Eris , the Goddess of Luck.

During his gambling streak in the nation of Elroad , Kazuma was able to win enough money to temporarily put a casino out of business.

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